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In June 2022 Arizona Legislature voted to effectively dismantle public education by passing universal ESA vouchers, defying the will of 1.5 million Arizona voters who overwhelmingly rejected this dangerous ESA voucher expansion in 2018 through Prop 305. 

We have one chance to stop this bill from going into effect – a referendum of HB2853 (Universal ESA Voucher Expansion): “Stop Voucher Expansion.”  The Arizona Constitution allows voters the right to determine whether a law can go into effect via a referendum. 

We must collect 118,823 valid signatures before September 24, 2022 to stop universal ESA voucher expansion.  This will put the law on hold until the November 2024 election, when AZ voters will reject these destructive universal ESA vouchers once and for all.

Download our one-pager here for more information.

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